Offense-Defense Football Camps

Defender Skullcap by H.I.T.T Shield

From H.I.T.T. Shield...The HITT-SHIELD Defender Skullcap made with our patented Non-Newtonian Dilatant Fluid (NDF). NDF out performed every protection material available to the consumer. Our High Impact Transfer Technology (HITT) demonstrates up to 80% reduction in both linear and rotational impacts. This absorption and dissipation of these forces go far beyond what any helmet can do.

  • Ultra Light Ultra Thin
  • Breathable-moisture wicking polyester fabric for sweat management
  • Can be worn under any helmet
  • Machine Washable
  • Made with our patented NDF foam protection. ISO20344 Certified Personal Protection
  • Absorbs and dissipates up to 80% of both linear and rotational forces that can cause brain injuries